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Since our beginnings as a steel building erector in 2004, Tru-Steel has grown to become a multifaceted organization capable of design, custom pre-engineering, material supply and construction of a wide variety of steel buildings from specific use steel building structures like community recreational facilities, ice rinks, curling clubs, tennis clubs, aquatic centers, sports centers, gymnasiums, riding stadiums and all types of community centers; all the way up to the construction of complex large industrial steel structures including mill sites, mines, milling plants, hydro-electric facilities, oil and gas installations, manufacturing and a wide variety of large open span steel building structures.

With over 250 steel building erections safety completed, Tru-Steel has earned recognition as a leading expert in steel building construction throughout Western Canada.

We can design, pre-engineer, supply or erect custom pre-designed (PEMB) steel building structures ourselves or in conjunction with our many recognized steel building manufacturers, engineers and joint venture partners.

We are a CWB Group (Canadian Welding Bureau) Certified open shop steel erector and specialize in the supply and installation of complete pre-engineered metal building packages (PEMB).

Tru-Steel specializes in the construction of complex large steel buildings for Mills and Mine sites, Hydro Installations, Mines and Milling plants, Community Projects and Industrial Buildings. Our expertise can also be applied to the completion of a wide variety of commercial steel buildings and residential building projects.

Tru-Steel's domestic presence includes worksites in Alberta, British Columbia, Arctic, North West Territories, Saskatchewan and Yukon. Working across Western Canada has exposed us to a variety of working environments requiring flexibility and adaptability. We are committed to our environment and follow Environmental appropriate recycling or disposal of waste construction materials.

At Tru-Steel, our excellence in steel building construction industry is a reflection of the continuing investment we make in our employees, who have a focus on safety, the environment and always provide top quality workmanship within budgetary and time constraints. Through an active education program, our commitment to training and safety resonates throughout every level of our company.

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