We design, supply and build Pre-Engineered Steel and Metal buildings which in themselves create an environmental benefit over other forms of construction materials. Without overstating the obvious, not many trees are consumed or used in our buildings! Seriously though, steel buildings are constructed to remain safe and sound for a long life span. They represent a very low fire hazard thus reducing fire risks to the communities that surround them.

Even after the prolonged life span of the structure has been realized, the vast majority of the structure is salvageable and recyclable, which poses a much reduced environmental impact on future generations.

Tru-Steel embraces environmental conscious building and construction practices. We endeavor to place a light footprint on the environment during the construction of each of our projects. We work with our partners, general contractors, our customers and other trades to recognize ways in which we can protect the environment and best return our job sites to their original state.

Wherever possible we use low emission and/or battery powered equipment and tools during our construction practices. All site waste is either salvaged and recycled or environmentally disposed of following our company/ General Contractor Site Green Policies.

We work with some hazardous materials, which must be stored, tracked and secured properly  to reduce any potential negative environmental impact. All our employees follow Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Standards (WHMIS).

Our Superintendents and Foremen ensure all hazardous materials are secured, labeled, stored or used in accordance with WHMIS standards and procedures. All employees are WHMIS trained and our sites are prepared to deal with any hazardous material spills or security breakdowns. We follow all safety and environmental protocols and maintain records of incidents on our own Environmental Incident Tracking Report and/or Safety Data Sheet.

Should any environmental incident occur, we respond immediately and do not relent until the incident is re-mediated. After which we revise any procedural issue that may have contributed to the occurrence.

We encourage our employees to use public transit or carpools to attend in-town work sites. For remote and/or camp locations we organize group transportation wherever possible.

Tru-Steel recognizes the role each of us must play in protecting and maintaining our environment so that future generations can enjoy what we were blessed with or even better. We take our responsibility seriously and attempt to contribute in each and every way that we can.

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