At Tru-Steel we recognize our most important company responsibility is the safety of our crews, other job site crews and the overall site itself.

We work from heights with heavy materials performing difficult physical tasks using powerful equipment and in some cases volatile materials. It’s obvious we must always think Safety First and we do.

We take our responsibility to return our employees safety to their families after each and every workday. We are committed to ensure that the safety and well-being of all our employees is our single greatest priority, every moment of every day, on every job site, whatever that person’s job requirements entail.

Before any of our employees commence onsite employment with us they must have completed rigorous safety training. All are required to have an up to date Construction Safety Training Systems Course ( CSTS ). They must have up to date Fall Protection and Elevated Platform Training Certificates.

All employees are expected to complete applicable safety training in specialized areas. If they are equipment operators they must have evidence of certification and training for that specific equipment. In addition they must obtain additional training in these areas of safety, rigger and rigging safety, small tools use and safety, confined space safety training, safety precautions for crane signaling and safety procedures for lock out and tag out. Then each employee is trained on our Safety Programs, Procedures and expectations of safety not only for themselves, but also their co-worker safety and that of any/all people on the work site.

This is only the beginning. Before we commence any onsite job activities we conduct a thorough crew orientation and develop specific job site safety plans, including a Job Hazard Analysis Plan (JHA). This JHA process is repeated each and every day that we are on site. We develop site specific Fall Protection and Aerial Rescue Plans which are reviewed, updated and/or revised daily.

Every day starts with an onsite Safety meeting and review of our Safety Procedures/Plans and a fresh JHA. Every employee is expected to contribute their opinions and observations so that all are involved and aware of what Safety issues will be present, THAT day. Our Foreman and/or Safety Officer constantly inspect, observe, review and audit safety processes throughout every day and provide guidance and direction where required. At Tru-Steel we go one step more, every employee is expected to be a safety officer every minute of every day and to point out any hazard or unsafe practice of any other employee, at that moment, so that any necessary precaution or corrective activity can be taken to eliminate any potential safety concern.

We provide in house Occupational Health and Safety programs for all employees. Every job site has trained First Aid Responders and an emergency care evacuation protocol. We perform daily safety audits and safety tracking on each job site.

Safety is Job 1. It is our prime objective to get each and every employee, home safe! We don’t accept excuses about safety; we expect and demand a Safety First culture at Tru-Steel.

With over 250+ projects completed over 10 years, we are proud to say that we have not had any serious injury to any employee!

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